Italian extrusion line maker Torninova will show at Plast’09 the new plant Coex Bubble 10 for the production of multilayer air bubble film.

Recently, Torninova has introduced into the market a new line to complete its range of extrusion plant for air bubble film. Coex Bubble 10 allow the production of multilayer coex bubble wrap (10 layers: ABCBA+ABCBA) with air retention barrier thanks to the internal layer of PA6. This line will be shown on the exhibition Plast 09 in Milan, Italy from 24 to 28 of March 2009.

 According to italian company, bubble wrap of 35 g/m2, produced by co-extrusion process, can be compared, in terms of resistance, with a mono-extrusion bubble wrap of 55 g/m2. “They have same resistance – Torninova says -. Considering such relationship, it means that you save the 30% of the cost for raw materials, by using co-extrusion production process”.

Mainly, the Coex Bubble 10 is composed by three extruders: one for PE layer, one for the PA6 layer and the third one for the TIE layer between PE and Nylon-PA6. These three extruders, through the last generation of feed-blocks with adjustable geometry allow the production of the special co-extruded air bubble film with ABCBA+ ABCBA structure.

Every extruder is equipped with a filter and a gear pump with transmission by cardan joint and motor with inverter and feedback loop control. The gear pump, through PID control, adjust automatically the speed of the extruder according to the requested weight of the final product find on the production formula.

Two separated flat dies for an excellent control and adjustments of the produced films, realized in steel with adjustable deliveries. The feed-block with adjustable geometry, allows the distribution uniformity of the internal layer of polyamide on the whole width of the film, also with thickness less than 0,5 micron. The line is equipped with gravimetric blending and metering for the ingredients, for a more accurate and automated management of the granules to be extruded.

The chromium-plated forming cylinder is mounted on mobile structure (motorized and controlled by PLC) in both the directions for the regulation of the materials delivery from the flat dies. The moulder cylinder, thanks to the hydraulic fast joint, allow a fast interchangeability. The main control panel is managed by PLC, complete with supervision software managed through touch screen that allows the planning and the control of the whole plant and of the production process .

The line in action at the PLAST-09 exhibition, sold to an Italian company in the packaging industry, has the following features: Width of production 2,5 m; Production output 650 kg/h; Production 10.500 m2/h; Production speed 75 m/min; Minimum thickness 25 g/m2.



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