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BREYER to showcase high performance on vented extruders-K2010 Preview

As the 2010 version of K fair is drawing close, BREYER, a designer and manufacturer of single screw extruders,

wants to share its successful story. Among many of BREYER’s products, the vented single screw extruders have achieved outstanding performance.

As a pioneer on this field BREYER even successfully managed to process highly hygroscopic materials like ABS at high specific throughputs without the necessity of pre-drying the material. This way the time- and energy consuming pre-drying becomes obsolete.

Changeover times related to material properties significantly can get reduced compared to conventional processes based on pre-drying technology; hence the entire extrusion line can get operated far more flexible and significantly more efficient.

All BREYER extrusion lines processing high quality PC and PMMA sheet or even films for optical application do follow the dried and vented process. The melt will become optimally degassed, a precondition for the production of first class sheet and films meeting highest quality demands of the worldwide market.

The entire extruder range covering single screw extruders with screw diameters from Ø 30 mm to Ø 250 mm and output capacities up to 2000 kg/h (4.400 pph).

Approaching K2010 in Düsseldorf, a very special highlight can be seen-a high performing 75 mm extruder with significantly increased output capacity. Depending on material properties throughputs of up to 550 kg/h (980-1.200 pph) at moderate speed ranges of approximately 200–250 rpm, will become realized using this machine showing superior degassing performance.

The extruder screw is driven by a powerful water cooled and silently operating direct coupled AC motor

The extruder exhibited-considered to be a design study-showing a fully covered execution not only fulfilling latest safety requirements, accommodating to the most sophisticated state of the art industrial design, as well.


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