Americhem Inc., a global provider of custom color and additive solutions for polymer-based products, recently debuted vDesign®, an exclusive web-based software that brings a half century of expertise together in one highly advanced program for faster, more accurate color and property matching.

“With vDesign®, our customers have worldwide resources at their fingertips. By uploading color and property requirements to the system from any location, customers can access a range of masterbatch formulations that meet their requirements,” said Tom Maier, Ph.D., director of R&D for Americhem. “Access to this comprehensive data accelerates color and property engineering and reduces design time. This leads to more rapid development of new products.”

The data contained in the vDesign® program is accumulated across all markets served by Americhem. “Access to this abundance of information allows for cross-pollination between business segments, which can lead to surprising new innovations,” Maier added.

Once the vDesign® program generates potential matches, results can be sorted based on key criteria like performance attributes, color range or price. Americhem’s sales team works directly with customers to identify matches that are most appropriate for the product design. As a result of these sessions, actual physical samples can be produced in a design laboratory.

vDesign® offers clarification of requirements related to cost, allowing customers to determine the optimal solution. “For example, if a customer seeks a product that falls within a certain color range, but cost is a chief consideration, data can be sorted from lowest to highest price and then an assessment can be made on the properties as they relate to cost,” said Ron Beck, R&D manager of Core Technologies at Americhem.

Beck continued, “Through this interaction and cost analysis, users experience reduced product development time, which provides invaluable cost savings. This is particularly beneficial in the current business climate, where new products can be the lifeblood of companies’ sales strategies.”



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