Swindon MP opens ‘plastic-to-oil’ machine factory

The MP for North Swindon has opened a “headquarters and manufacturing facility” for plastics-to-oil company Recycling Technologies. Justin Tomlinson, the Conservative MP and a former marketing executive, expressed delight that Swindon is “leading the world” in the development of technology to process waste plastics. The facility in Stirling Court will be where Recycling Technologies will […]

Recycling Technologies to expand Plastic Recycling Capacity with New Facility

Plastic waste reprocessor Recycling Technologies has formally opened its new facility in Swindon, which it says will triple Europe’s waste plastic recycling capacity. The company’s RT7000 machine uses chemical recycling processes to turn various forms of plastic waste — including difficult-to-recycle black plastic, films, crisp packets and food pouches — into a crude oil equivalent […]

A ‘can do’ attitude to recycling

The ‘Blue Planet’ effect had a powerful effect on three young Londoners, who after visiting a remote island in Thailand have launched an environmentally-friendly alternative to bottled drinking water. CanO Water is an infinitely recyclable alternative to single-use plastic bottles, which can take up to 1,000 years to degrade. Environment Journal spoke to one of […]