European Parliament: MEPs propose ways to boost plastics recycling

Incentives to collect marine litter at sea, new EU-wide standards and definitions for biodegradability and compostability, and a complete EU ban on oxo-degradable plastic by 2020 are among the proposals set out in the non-binding draft resolution, adopted on Thursday with 597 votes to 15 and 25 abstentions. Oxo-degradable plastic does not properly biodegrade, is […]

There’s more to plastic recycling than saving the environment

In South Africa the volume of recycled plastic material grows annually, with 334 727 tons recycled into raw material last year according to the National Plastics Survey 2017 by Plastics|SA. While plastic recycling efforts have an immediate impact on the environment in terms of the pollution that is reduced Rory Murray, Marketing Director at Tuffy […]

Danes are sorting more plastic waste than ever before, but very little gets recycled

More than four million Danes regularly separate their plastic waste at home, sending some 30,000 tonnes of plastic off to be recycled. But despite the increased recycling efforts of residents, an alarmingly small amount of that plastic actually gets recycled. According to a Monday report in Jyllands-Posten newspaper, only about 15 percent of the collected […]

Classifying plastic as a ‘hazardous material’ could be hazardous to the recycling industry

The Basel Convention is meeting this week in Geneva, Switzerland, to consider a number of proposals that could restrict the trade of scrap commodities. The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI; Washington, DC) released background information on these proposals. In March, at the direction of the Basel Convention of Parties, an expert working group began […]

Newcastle business Cross Connections drives Plastic Police recycling program which may help build Hunter roads

HUNTER roads may be built with an asphalt containing recycled soft plastics collected and recycled in the region as early as 2019 thanks to a community program driven by a Warners Bay business. The Plastic Police program was started by Cross Connections, which helps businesses divert their waste from landfill. The program collects soft plastics […]