Published On: Wed, Oct 3rd, 2012

Songwon launches a new website that reflects its consolidated market approach

Songwon launches a new website that reflects its consolidated market approach

Songwon launches a new website that reflects its consolidated market approach

Customers will now benefit from easy access to comprehensive product data which is presented in a format that is user-friendly and can be easily understood. The new website is a result of the company’s decision to develop a consolidated market approach for all Songwon Industrial Group entities in all regions. To make this happen, Songwon has embarked on a journey to capture the fundamentals of the company and develop the brand essence as the basis for all corporate communications.

To be ‘Salient in Additives’ is the promise made to customers, such that Songwon can become the supplier of choice for polymer additives through continued commitment to providing better quality, better service and better value. The company is firmly focused on delivering growth by anticipating the needs and desires of its customers and by aspiring to lead in developing additives technology.

The establishment of Songwon Industrial Group and the new company structure are the first elements of the consolidated market approach and a clear commitment to create an infrastructure that enables the company to achieve excellence in customer service across the globe. Songwon has implemented a supply chain model designed to meet regional requirements and deliver local customer service through strategic regional distribution with technical support in downstream markets.

Together with the new website, the Songwon 2012 Annual Report, company fact sheet and pro-active media relations program are other elements of our corporate communications that embody the brand essence and have come to fruition recently. Maurizio Butti, Songwon’s Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Songwon Industrial Group Executive Committee, said: “The most critical driver of sustainable growth is an expanding base of engaged customers. True customer engagement can only be created when the customers experience meets or exceeds our promise.

Our market approach and brand strategy sets the tone of our “brand promise” and is focused on meeting expectations that we know are within our capabilities to deliver; this we feel is being ‘Salient’. The new Songwon company structure and website are the result of a consolidated approach and reflect our desire and commitment to deliver a total package of products and services second to none.”

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