Published On: Fri, Mar 23rd, 2012

Rotogal focused on Modern Fine-Grinding Technology from Pallmann

Rotogal focused on Modern Fine-Grinding Technology from Pallmann

Rotogal focused on Modern Fine-Grinding Technology from Pallmann

Zweibrücken, Germany (22 March 2012) – Rotogal, a major Spanish rotomolder headquartered in Boiro A Coruña in northern Spain, has recently replaced the fine-grinding mill used until now with the latest PolyGrinder® PKMM 600 type fine-grinder from Pallmann. As the Pallmann mill is able to process many different materials without nitrogen cooling at a top quality level, it enables Rotogal to additionally set up attractive contract grinding services.

Rotogal’s broad product portfolio extends from complex, high-precision technical parts for the fishing industry to pallets and on to robust containers made of HDPE in a wide range of forms and sizes for the food industry. The company has been producing the required powder for its own purposes with a PKM type mill from Pallmann since 1996, which they bought already second-hand then. Supported by continuing growth, Rotogal decided to invest in a new, state-of-the-art grinding system. Relying on its excellent experience in the past, the company has again opted for a Pallmann grinder and chosen the latest type PKMM 600 PolyGrinder®. The system was delivered with a power rating of 110 kW and electronic speed control. Depending on the material processed, this allows for throughput rates from 200 to up 600 kg/h for rotomolding parts made from PP copolymer and LLDPE.

In addition, various ancillary aggregates, such as conveyors, bagging equipment and the like, were also delivered and installed at Rotogal. The delivered system is a typical complete and independent unit! Typically, the system delivered is a complete one!

Contract grinding to become the second pillar
With this system, Rotogal is now in a position to set up a second business field. While the company will continue to grind various PE grades to high-quality powders for rotational molding for own purposes, the new PolyGrinder® will be used in the future to grind an even broader range of materials – without additional nitrogen cooling – to high-quality masterbatches on a contract service basis. Rotogal will thus use the only machine type worldwide that is able to process, for instance, PP copolymer to powders with a particle size of less than 600 µm with a high level of process reliability – without additional cooling required. The entire system is easy to clean in a short time, thus effectively reducing downtimes by material changes. It also allows to remain profitable when grinding smaller quantities for customers.

Using the PolyGrinder®, Rotogal will continue to expand their core business – grinding various PE grades for own purposes – in the years to come. In addition, this unique technology (high product quality, grinding many different materials without additional cooling) allows them to set up grinding as a new service at very attractive conditions. The technical benefits combined with cost-effective operation enable Rotogal to further grow and strengthen their competitive position.

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