Published On: Wed, May 29th, 2013

KM Packaging Launches ‘Velvet’ for Luxury Touch

Market leading food packaging specialist KM Packaging Services Ltd has launched a stunning new premium packaging film with a unique ‘feel’ and texture, targeted squarely at the luxury confectionery and high-end boxed goods markets across the world.

KM Packaging Launches 'Velvet' for Luxury Touch

KM Packaging Launches 'Velvet' for Luxury Touch

KM Velvet will help leading brands to achieve shelf differentiation in a whole new style, meeting demand for standout flexible packaging that is suitable for many different treatments. KM Velvet is available as a reverse printed heat-sealable film laminate for use on form-fill-seal or flow-wrap equipment; alternatively KM Velvet can be laminated to board to provide the ideal solution for suppliers of luxury boxed products such as premium confectionery – and even perfumes and cosmetics.

A coated polypropylene, KM Velvet pushes the boundaries of premium packaging, reflecting the current trend towards matt finishes and other subtly unusual features that emphasise the quality of the product inside and achieve shelf standout in a crowded sector.

Charles Smithson, KM Packaging Services managing director, explained: “Confectionery brands are constantly searching for that elusive USP that will make their products stand out among the hundreds of others in the same display. Shiny gloss sleeves are giving way to matt finishes which convey an element of discreet quality, and the next stage is enhancing the visual impact with an unbeatable feel of luxury that tempts consumers to touch and pick up a particular product.

“KM Packaging can draw on decades of expertise in flexible confectionery packaging, including the supply of aluminium foil wraps, laminates, twist wraps, cold seal, pouches and bags. This is a very competitive market and we expect that such a sophisticated development as KM Velvet will provide a winning point of difference to confectionery and packaging manufacturers in our existing and new markets worldwide.”

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