Published On: Thu, Jan 10th, 2013

Cardia Bioplastics bags exclusive annual supply contract into Shanghai, China

Cardia Bioplastics bags exclusive annual supply contract into Shanghai, China

Cardia Bioplastics bags exclusive annual supply contract into Shanghai, China

According to latest news from the Plastic industry, Australia based Cardia Bioplastics has bagged an annual supply contract of its renewable Biohybrid™ kitchen bags to the City District of Shanghai Pudong, in China. It is important to underline here that the deal is being perceived as one of the largest deal that has ever happened in the history of resin manufacturing sector. According to the terms of the deal Cardia will annually supply an estimated $1.2 million worth of its proprietary renewable Biohybrid™ kitchen bags to approximately 20% of householders to China and adjoining regions.

According to reports from the sources, Sanghai, Pudong has been investing heavily on environmental initiatives and the move is being perceived as a part of the plan to ensure a healthy environment in the region. It is important to underline here that Following the World Expo in 2010, Shanghai introduced and implemented an organic waste separation process to separate plant and food scraps at the household level, as these scraps form a large part of the Chinese domestic waste stream.

While talking about the contract, the Managing Director of Cardia Bioplastics, Dr Frank Glatz the company has been investing huge effort in maintaining the quality of their products and the contract was awarded viewing the quality of the products that they had offered to their clients and customers. While talking about the current deal the director said the company would be able to bag the contract because Cardia’s high quality product technology which uses considerably less oil to produce an environmentally-friendly renewable resin with a lower carbon footprint than conventional plastics has been admired and appreciated by clients.

The company has said that the deal will help company strengthening its footprint in Asian plastic industry and will help them serve their clients in a more comprehensive manner. The deal is going to be a milestone in the history of the company and they are looking forward to deliver the best quality to the client. It is important to underline here that Governments around the world are addressing these issues with legislative restrictions and taxes to encourage recycling, composting and the use of sustainable and renewable materials Major brand owners and retailers want sustainable solutions to gain a competitive edge

About Cardila Bioplastics:

Cardia Bioplastics is a world leader in manufacturing and marketeing of sustainable resins derived from renewable resources. With its Biohybrid and compostable resins the company delivers packaging and plastics products with a lower carbon footprint.