Monthly Archives: December 2010

New N.J. law requires recycling of TVs and computers

Old TVs, computers and computer monitors — items known collectively as electronic waste, or e-waste — must be recycled as of Saturday, New Year’s Day as required by the new state Electronic Waste Management Act. “We expect a smooth transition thanks to the work of municipalities, counties and manufacturers who have been cooperating closely withRead More

Why You Can’t Ignore Plastics Recycling

Use the next 30 seconds to take stock of your current surroundings (in the meantime, we’ll finish up our coffee). It’s probably a safe bet that, during your highly local adventure, you found a plastic product in your immediate area – a takeout container from lunch, a wadded-up candy wrapper, even the mouse you’re usingRead More

The Truths Behind Plastic Injection Molding Process

Plastic injection molding involves giving shape to molten plastic into different shapes that are required for our day-to-day life. The mechanism of injection molding for plastic is quite expensive and very complicated. Even the machines involved costs a great deal. Known as injection molding, the machines are solid, and some even weigh a kilo tones.Read More

Synthetic lumber maker hindered by lack of recyclables

VICTORIA — A Victoria company that uses milk jugs, laundry detergent containers and other blue-box plastics to make synthetic lumber has won the largest single contract in its 12-year history. Syntal Products Ltd. is producing 43,500 lineal feet for a rail bridge and underpass that is part of the massive Asia Pacific Gateway project aroundRead More

Valley plants give new life to plastic bottles

The journey begins with a plastic bottle tossed into a California recycling bin. And it ends, more often than not, in China, where that bottle is turned into a cheap trinket or toy — a long-distance, low-grade form of recycling that contributes to global warming and sows no green jobs in California. Now a companyRead More

Engel to display tie-bar-less machines at Interplastica 2011 in Moscow

At Interplastica, the plastics and rubber trade fair to be commenced from January 25 in Moscow, Russia, Austrian injection molding machine manufacturer Engel will highlight innovative technologies for higher productivity. Pipe fittings will be produced by a fully electrical and automatic process on an Engel e-victory. The manufacture of plastic pipe fittings places special demandsRead More

Engel unveils fully electric injection molding machine for closure cap production

Austria injection molding machine manufacturer Engel has unveiled the E-cap, a fully electric solution for the production of closure caps. The Engel e-cap 420 takes its high-performance genes from Engel’s e-motion series, which has proven itself over many years to provide fully electric efficiency, with a robust 5-point toggle lever clamping unit to ensure fast,Read More

Origo Partners Adds to Investment with China-based Plastics Recycler

The venture capital firm Origo Partners has invested an additional $1.7 million into the Chinese plastics and tire recycling firm Niutech Energy. The money will be used in connection with the start of Niutech’s plastics recycling plant in China. Niutech, through a local subsidiary, has entered into an agreement to establish a joint-venture with ZhejiangRead More