Monthly Archives: March 2009

Ashland expands Derakane epoxy vinyl ester resin product line and availability

Derakane epoxy vinyl ester, a corrosion-resistant resin line from specialty chemical producer Ashland Performance Materials, has been expanded and is also now more widely available. In addition to industry-standard Derakane Momentum 411-350 resin and the Derakane Momentum 510C-350 resin the newly-issued line card now includes Derakane 451-400 and Derakane 515-400 resins, which were derived fromRead More

Natural oil polyol process developed by Bayer

A way to incorporate vegetable oils in polyether polyol production with only a few modifications to existing plant has been developed by Bayer MaterialScience and is being presented in a paper at the Utech polyurethanes conference and exhibition to be held in Maastricht in the Netherlands over the next few days.      The company saysRead More

Rexam shows the power of packaging in a recession

Cans, bottles and jars producer Rexam has produced results for 2008 affected by the onset of the recession, but only nominally. Its sales continued their annual climb to reach £4,618 million generating an operating profit also up at £466 million, although other factors pulled this back to an 8 per cent reduction in pre-tax profitRead More

Oil rises above $49 after 7 percent fall

PERTH – Oil rose above $49 a barrel on Tuesday, recouping some of the previous session’s 7 percent loss as stock markets edged up. Talk by the Obama administration of takeover and bankruptcy for two major U.S. automakers, as well as bank rescues in Europe, prompted investors to book profits after a recent run-up inRead More

CVC resin resistant to high temperatures

CVC Thermoset Specialties has unveiled a new thermoset resin aimed at high-temperature electrical applications. Epalloy 8370 A85 is an epoxy phenol novalac resin supplied in an 85 percent concentration in acetone. Its high temperature resistance addresses the shrinking of electrical devices, causing them to operate at higher performance levels. Applications for the new resin includeRead More

Plastics prices continue to dive on demand slump

Plastics prices continue their plunge this month as producers remain unable to scale back production fast enough to match diving demand. Of the 22 plastic resins tracked by, only three went up in price in March, while the rest were flat or down and some were at long-term lows. The overall plastics price indexRead More

Enterprises look forward to PVC futures

It is reported that PVC price fluctuated dramatically last year. PVC production enterprises and traders look forward to the introduction of PVC futures. Because of the continuous expansion of production capacity, PVC in a situation of supply exceeding demands. Affected by the financial crisis, there was a decrease in demand for both domestic and foreignRead More