Packaging innovation spotlight: a Troo alternative to flexible plastic

Consumers are becoming more aware of the impact that packaging has on the environment and there is a growing expectation that it should be sustainable, kept to a minimum and easily recyclable. UK-based Troo Foods followed these unwritten rules when repackaging its range of prebiotic, ‘gut-friendly’ granola cereals in plastic-free, paper-based pouches. The free-standing pouch […]

Tekni-Plex buys Commodore Packaging, Commodore Technology

Tekni-Plex has acquired both packaging manufacturer Commodore Plastics and Commodore Technology, which will now operate under Tekni-Plex’s subsidiary Dolco. Commodore Plastics is known for its range of traditional and custom polystyrene foam trays, padded food trays, as well as supermarket and industrial trays. Meanwhile Commodore Technology manufactures polystyrene foam extrusion systems, dies, thermoformers, trim systems […]