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Polypropylene (PP) prices down adjust in FEA and SEA

This week, polypropylene (PP) prices dropped in Far East and South East Asia regions. Prices fell as buying trends weakened significantly in the region.

CFR Far East Asia prices of PP raffia and PP injection were assessed down at the USD 1030/mt levels, a week on week...Read More »

Injection molded plastic market to grow at almost 5% CAGR till 2024

The global Injection Molded Plastic Market was valued at around US$199.9 bln in 2015. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 5% during the forecast period (2016 – 2024). It will reach US$296 bln by 2024.

The growth of this market can be attributed...Read More »

Polyolefins edge higher following rises in crude oil

In early October, European polyolefin prices edged higher on the back of rising upstream costs while styrenics and PET prices continued on a downward path.

Rising crude oil and naphtha costs contributed to an increase in October contract prices for ethylene and propylene.

Despite a plunge in propylene feedstock rates, polypropylene (PP) prices firmed in Asia this week. Prices journeyed northward on the back of higher import offers from overseas suppliers coupled with persistent strong buying sentiments in major markets like China.

CFR Far East Asia prices of PP raffia...Read More »

Polypropylene (PP) prices continue to climb in Asia

Polypropylene (PP) prices in this week gained in Asia.

A rise in upstream naphtha costs coupled with firmer propylene feedstock numbers and a lift in buying sentiments in the region, prompted sellers to steer their offer prices higher.

CFR Far East Asia prices of...Read More »

India Containerized Shredded Scrap import price rises

NEW DELHI (Scrap Register): India containerized shredded scrap import average prices gained during the week ended August 19, while India’s major plastic scrap prices on Scrap Register Price Index showed a mixed trend.

Obsolete shredded scrap prices in the Indian containerized market increased $6 a...Read More »

Propylene spot prices in Europe fall amid derivative outages

Propylene prices in Europe have fallen rapidly amid derivative issues, with spot prices flat to the monthly contract price for October, compared with premiums of 10-13% two weeks ago, as per sources in Platts.

The October contract price is yet to settle. The industry contract price for...Read More »

Plastic pipe prices rise after Kebs ban on substandard products

The price of plastic pipes has risen after the government banned suppliers from selling unmarked substandard pipes.

A spot check in the market shows cost of plumbing has gone up in the last two months with hardware stores now selling the new half-inch polypropylene (PPR) with threads...Read More »

High density polyethylene (HDPE) prices climb in Asia

This week, HDPE prices climbed in Asia. A combination of triggers were responsible for the price rise including improved regional buying trends, gains recorded in ethylene feedstock rates, strong import offers from overseas suppliers coupled with a rise in prices of other PE grades.

In...Read More »

PET Prices Drop; Others Remain Stable

PE, PP, PVC, PS prices stable for now, PET more volatile.

Lower PE and PP prices have helped stabilize those markets, although ample PE supply could result in further decline. Feedstock volatility and unplanned outages appeared to put some upward pressure on PS and PVC,...Read More »

Propylene prices edge lower in parts of Asia

Propylene prices witnessed a drop in some parts of Asia last week.

On Friday, CFR South East Asia prices of propylene were assessed down at the USD 695/mt levels, a week on week fall of USD 10/mt. CFR China prices of propylene were assessed at the USD...Read More »

Govt should invest into warehouses to check price rise: Economist

New Delhi, July 14 (KNN) The prices are increasing because of hoardings and there is a need for government to invest into warehouses to store items and keep check over price rise, said an Economist.

The Whole Sale Price (WPI)Index in manufacturing sector rose by by 0.2...Read More »

Polypropylene (PP) prices continue to journey south in Asia

PP prices edged lower in Asia this week despite higher propylene feedstock rates. The price fall in PP was on account of persistent sluggish buying trends across the Asian region.

CFR Far East Asia prices of PP film prices were assessed down at the USD 920/mt levels,...Read More »

PP, HDPE prices slump in Turkey amid ample offers from Central Asia

Turkish prices for polypropylene and high density polyethylene slumped amid increased product offering from Uzbekistan, as per market sources in Platts. PP raffia prices were assessed at US$975-979/mt CFR Turkey Wednesday, down US$65/mt on the week, a low since February. High density blowmolding and film prices also reached...Read More »

Rising Plastic Prices Raises Alarm In The Plastic Industry

There has been a steady increase in the demand for the products being manufactured by the plastic industry. This increase in the demand is being seen as a good sign for the future of the industry. However, when we talk about an industry as a whole, we cannot judge its...Read More »