Published On: Wed, Apr 17th, 2013

Multivac to introduce new thermoforming packaging machine at IFFA 201

Multivac to introduce new thermoforming packaging machine at IFFA 201

Multivac to introduce new thermoforming packaging machine at IFFA 201

At the forthcoming IFFA 2013, Germany-based Multivac will present a new R 685 thermoforming packaging machine, which is designed for running extra-wide films. The R 685 is designed for running films with a width of 830mm. The maximum film width running on Multivac’s standard machines was around 730mm.

It is suitable for packing high volumes of sliced products, such as sliced sausage, cooked meats or cheese, says Multivac. The machine’s output is up to 480 packs per minute. The packaging machine takes the full volume of sliced products as they are fed directly from the slicer, and then packing at high speed, introduces the German machinery supplier. Traditionally this is solved by using packaging machines with a longer loading area and longer dies. Multivac achieves high production volume with a wider machine.

The extra-wide films are manufactured from the usual thermoplastic polymers, which are heated in the forming die. “There is normally the danger with films of this width, that they hang down in the machine,” explains Natalie Schmid from Muntivac.

The R 685 is equipped with a special support system with rails in the loading and discharge areas of the machine. The transport chain ensures that the film is kept stable while it is guided through to the sealing station. “Thanks to the action of the transport chain, the film remains under tension across the machine running direction, because it is held on the right and left sides like a rescue safety net, which is pulled in all four directions.” She explains further.

The force required for the transport of these films is very high, particularly after the pack cavities have been filled. Multivac has therefore equipped the R 685 with a double drive system for the transport chain.

The weight of the dies on the R 685 is also significantly higher, due to the large formats of the dies, than is the case with standard machine models up to now. In order to be able to move the large masses and create sufficiently high closing forces, the R 685 has double-spindle lifting units for the forming and sealing stations. The R 685 has also been equipped with appropriate sensor technology, which monitors and supports the individual process stages in the machine, adds Multivac. IFFA is a leading international trade fair for processing, packaging and sales in the meat industry. It will be held from May 4-9 in Frankfurt, Germany.