With great pride and honor we would take the privilege to introduce ourselves as first and the only ISO 90001:2000 company in India which offers rubber and plastic processing machineries under quality certificate.

Xtreme machines is a privately owned company that is owned by its founders who are working since 1986 in the same industry today Xtreme machines is the largest and fastest growing company in mfr. & exports of rubber and plastic machineries. Our technology is the fruit of considerable experiences & innovations which the company founders have acquired in this field. We are the manufacture of Dispersion Kneader, Pelletizing line, Recycling Line, Blown Film Plant , Agglomerator/ Densifier Hydraulic Screen Changer, Rotary Pelletize, Granulator/Scrap Grinder, Air Die face Cutter , Under Water Die face Cutter & Laboratory Machines for research & Development for the last two decades.


    Rubber Industries
  • Rubber Sole, Heel & Pad for shoes
  • Rubber Sponge & Rubber sandle
  • Tyre & Tube for Bicycle, Motorcycle & Automobile
  • Rain Boot, Rain Coat & Rubber Boot
  • Automobile Rubber Accessories
  • Marine Fenders
  • V-Belt & Conveyor Belt
  • Sport Ball & Ballons
  • Printing Roller and Rice Roller
  • O Ring & Seal
  • Milk Nipple & Rubber Toy
  • Reclaim Rubber, etc.
    Plastic Industries
  • E.V.A/ P.V.C./ T.P.R./ Foam & Sandal
  • P.V.C. Artificial Leather
  • P.V.C. Floor Tile
  • P.V.C. Sheet
  • Automobile P.V.C. Accessories
  • P.E. for Cable Industries
  • Compounding & Masterbatches
  • P.V.C./ E.V.A. Toy
  • L.D.P.E./ L.L.D.P.E./ H.D.P.E.
  • Battery & Plastic Blends
  • Reclaim Plastic etc.

Die Face Cutters (Die Face Cutter(Air Cutting)
Die Face Cutters (Die Face Cutter(Water Cutter)