Bimetallic Screw

Coatwell manufactures various types of bimetallic screw as per customer requirement. We offer bimetallic screw with different hard face armouring. We also offer fully encapsulated bimetallic screw for complete protection from glass filled polymers. Bimetallic screws can be electroplated for extra life.

Bimetallic Barrel

Bimetallic barrels are made from 4140 or 4340 steel. Steel rods are drilled and bored to form a tube. The tube is filled with powdered metal and closed at ends. It is then heated in a furance. The heat melts the powdered metal. This melt is evenly distributed by rotation. It is cooled and machined to final internal dimension. It is then machined as per drawings and inspected before dispatch.

Screws Tips Sets

The key ingredient of injection moulding machine- we provide nrv/tip set for all kinds of injection moulding machines and are always dedicated for new ideas & innovation.
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