Published On: Mon, Oct 10th, 2016

Easy to open and convenient resealing: xtear laser perforation and resealing label from Südpack

Ochsenhausen/Nuremberg, 27 September 2016 – A key principle for modern food packaging: The easier it is to use a product, the more likely it will be accepted by consumers. Practical opening aids are a success factor in the battle for the best position on the supermarket shelf – and a specialty of Südpack Verpackungen GmbH & Co. The packaging film experts will be at FachPack 2016 to present two innovative opening aids designed to vastly improve convenience and product protection for bag or tube packaging. Opening and resealing bags is amazingly easy with the new resealing label that also maximizes flavor and freshness protection. The easy-to-use “xtear” laser seam will soon eliminate the need for scissors to open packaging.

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xtear laser perforation and resealing label from Südpack

The ease of use of a product plays an important purchasing role for consumers. A key criterion is the way the packaging closes. It should be simple to remove an attractively presented product from the packaging in a few simple steps and just as easy to reseal the package. Especially seniors with declining visual acuity and manual dexterity appreciate packaging that is easy to open and reseal. Modern resealing systems also help preserve flavor, freshness and appearance – to enhance the pleasure and enjoyment of using the product after the first opening.

Pioneering role in resealing systems

“A growing number of single households and older consumers creates a demand for smaller product sizes. This also makes modern opening aids an extremely important factor in designing film packaging,” explains Südpack Managing Partner Johannes Remmele. “As a company we have recognized this tendency early on and have focused our research and development work on innovative opening aids. “Südpack introduced the first generation of its highly convenient Multipeel films to the market 15 years ago and contributed to the breakthrough of resealing films. Used in a wide variety of applications, Multipeel films series are characterized by outstanding functionality, good machinability and easy handling.

The resealing label: intuitive opening and resealing

The FachPack trade show is where Südpack is introducing a new barrier label that makes opening bags more intuitive. This is made possible by a special film laser surface that is coated with a transparent adhesive label. The packaging can be opened and closed as required with the resealing label to protect product freshness and aroma after the first opening. No need to tear open or cut the bag. The resealing label is instantly recognizable by the user and allows for easy pouring or removal of the contents. It also opens up new options for packaging design and marketing. The size and position of the film laser surface can be customized and is also printable.

“xtear” for easy opening of tubular packaging

The innovative “xtear” opening aid – another Südpack innovation – makes opening tubular packaging so much simpler. Instead of using scissors or knives, consumers can simply pick up the package and easily tear it open. This is made possible thanks to a pre-perforated tear seam. Barrier properties and product protection are not affected. xtear is ideal for pouring out the liquid, for example, from mozzarella cheese packaging. “As is often the case, the idea for this new opening aid was developed in an innovation meeting with one of our customers,” Johannes Remmele explains. “We continuously developed, tested and perfected xtear to ensure that it offers our customers and consumers real added value.” Not only can xtear can be used on tubular packaging; a laser seam can also be added to tray sealing films. The first tubular bags with xtear have been in supermarkets since spring 2016. And the market response has been extremely positive.