Published On: Sat, Jun 11th, 2016

Wrong sort of rubbish? Council in bin warning

RECYCLABLE waste will go uncollected if householders put the wrong sort of plastic in their collection boxes.

Powys council is warning from June 20 any boxes containing an array of plastics will not be emptied by its crews and instead left at the roadside as it will be “proactively enforcing” its plastic policy.

Plastic Recycling

Wrong sort of rubbish? Council in bin warning

The council has said it is unable to sell certain types of plastic to recyclers but has previously collected them.

It has been criticised though by an environmental campaigner who said the council’s approach could be counter-productive.

Councillor John Powell, the cabinet member for environment and sustainability, said: “We recognise that residents want to recycle as much as possible but unfortunately we can only recycle what the markets are prepared to accept and at a reasonable cost to the council.

“By removing these more difficult items we can reduce the costs of recycling and get a better price for the material. Plastic film can be easily compacted so shouldn’t take up much room in your wheeled bin or purple sacks. It is important that we now ensure that all residents are aware of this through taking a proactive approach at the kerbside.”

Types of plastic which will mean boxes will be left uncollected include plastic bags and film.

Stretchy plastic items such as carrier bags, magazine wrappers, food bags, bubble wrap and cling film won’t be collected for recycling if left in the the plastic and cans (red) box.

They should instead be thrown in with general waste in wheelie bins or purple sacks.

A leaflet explaining what items can and can’t be recycled in the plastic and cans box will be left along with an explanation why the material has been left uncollected.

Council waste awareness and enforcement advisors are able to visit households to advise on how to minimise household waste.

Brecon-based Grenvville Ham, of the Wales Green Party, said suppliers and shops need to stop using non-recyclable materials.

He said: “But there is still the important role for us as residents in making sure that we are putting waste in the correct boxes.

“If this isn’t working then the solution isn’t to punish the people who are making simple mistakes but for Powys to better educate the residents as to what can be recycled and what we should avoid buying.

“Refusing to take the recyclable materials will be counter-productive to their long term zero waste strategy and likely increase the amount going to landfill.”