Published On: Fri, Aug 19th, 2016

Wilmington Machinery introduces medium-pressure injection molding machine

Molds solid and foamed parts with density reductions from 5 to 50%

Wilmington Machinery (Wilmington, NC) has launched the new Lumina MP800 medium-pressure injection molding machine to fill the void that exists between high- and low-pressure injection molding systems.

Injection Moulding Machine

Wilmington Machinery introduces medium-pressure injection molding machine

Russ LaBelle, President of Wilmington Machinery, told PlasticsToday that the new Lumina MP800 allows molders to enjoy the benefits of two-stage injection, and the use of some gas, if desired, to reduce part density. “It allows molders to make thinner parts that otherwise would not be possible with low-pressure structural foam, which also results in faster cycle times,” LaBelle said. “Really the benefit of this new machine is two-fold: Less raw material is used and lower cycle times are achieved.”

The Lumina MP800 is capable of molding both solid and foamed parts with density reductions from 5 to 50%, depending on the foaming method and type of gas. Molds are either cold- or hot-runner types and typically have aluminum cavity plates for faster cycles or gas assist for further cycle reduction for improved definition. The machine’s control system is designed to meet the needs of all process types—the equipment is fully capable of processing commodity and engineering grades of thermoplastic materials, including recycled materials up to 100%.

The two-platen press features a linear bearing support and guidance system, a 98-x-68-in. mold space and 108-in. stroke. It has a clamp speed of 2000 inches per minute and hydraulic ejection, and can achieve cycle times between 30 and 90 seconds. An electric extruder drive and available variable-frequency press hydraulic power unit make the MP800 energy efficient, said the company’s information.

Applications for the new Lumina MP800 include material handling (pallets, bins, crates), enclosures (utilities, electronics), automotive (interior, exterior parts) and recreational products.

Since its founding in 1972, Wilmington Machinery has been building high-performance, low-pressure structural foam molding machines. In addition, the company has built custom extrusion, thermoforming and industrial blowmolding machinery, along with a primary line of high-capacity rotary blowmolding systems for polyolefin monolayer/multilayer barrier blowmolded packaging.