Published On: Mon, Aug 26th, 2013

Thermo Fisher introduces new IR sensor for web gauging

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced a new full-spectrum infrared (IR) web gauging sensor and accompanying software which allows users to collect accurate thickness and moisture data for fine tuning the production process.

The Thermo Scientific PROSIS IR process analysis thickness sensor uses full-spectrum IR light to analyze materials on the line, providing web gauging users with highly precise, multi-component thickness data that improves production quality and reduces waste.

Thermo Fisher introduces new IR sensor for web gauging

Thermo Fisher introduces new IR sensor for web gauging

Thermo Fisher also introduced the Thermo Scientific EZCal calibration software, designed to allow PROSIS users to calibrate the sensor for new product measurement without hardware changes.

“The PROSIS sensor has a wider spectral coverage range than many commercially-available instruments that enables manufacturers to measure more material than ever before,” said Brian Davies, Vice President, Marketing and Product Development, Chemical Analysis, Thermo Fisher Scientific.

“Coupled with the EZCal software, we created a device that’s easy and flexible to use and calibrate. It also represents Thermo Fisher’s next step in a continued commitment to create the most effective and efficient industrial gauging instruments.”

Unlike conventional filter wheel IR sensors, the PROSIS sensor analyzes the full spectral response of the near-infrared range, distinguishing between polymers with very similar characteristics. Thermo Fisher says customers using the instrument have indicated that this non-contact gauging technology improves production quality, increases saleable product and saves raw materials.

The company adds that the PROSIS sensor is fully compatible with the Thermo Scientific 21Plus! measurement and control system and it will replace the existing Spectrabeam FSIR sensor family.