Published On: Mon, May 23rd, 2016

Strong trend continues for Austrian plastics machinery

The export-oriented Austrian plastics and rubber industry enjoyed a pretty handsome year in 2015, as production value of the machinery sector grew 11% last year.

Total export value of Austrian plastics machinery sector amounted to €1.5 billion, with China being its third largest destination.

plastic machinery

Strong trend continues for Austrian plastics machinery

“What I heard at the end of last year was that the order books were very good, so they are also expecting a promising first half this year,” said Christina Schösser, Consul (Commercial Affairs) of Austrian Consulate General Shanghai.

As the European economy remains sluggish, Austria has to look for new opportunities elsewhere.

“In general 75% of our country’s export goes to the European Union, so we need to look for new markets, whether it is new applications or other overseas countries,” Schösser said.

The is why a lot of Austrian companies were attending CHINAPLAS, according to her, as plastics consumption began to grow exponentially in Asia.

Packaging, she says, is one of the key drivers because plastics packaging accounts for 30% of total plastics consumption in developed countries, but it is only less than 10% in China.

“Of course, in addition to staying close to the market trends, we also have to stay advanced in terms of technological development,” Schösser emphasized.

The strategy to promote greener, energy efficient and high quality production in China plays to the strength of the Austrian plastics industry , as “we have a lot to offer” in the course of its development and “we will make sure we can support with Austrian technology”.

She also believed that the “Made in China 2025″ initiative will allow Chinese and Austrian companies to grow together as partners and potentially penetrate third markets.