Published On: Fri, Sep 23rd, 2016

South Lakes business launches new packaging product

A SOUTH Lakes paper-making company has launched a new, renewable and recyclable moulded packaging product described as being a “sustainable alternative to plastic.”

Burneside-based James Cropper Plc already has a globally recognised reputation for producing premium paper and packaging products and specialising in precise colour matching.

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South Lakes business launches new packaging product

The group’s new business – James Cropper 3D Products – has now developed a bespoke, design-engineered, moulded paper packaging product which it claims challenges plastic in terms of colour, quality and performance.

It is currently showcasing the product at Packaging Innovations 2016 being staged at the Olympia, London, yesterday and today (Sept 14-15).

Chief technology officer Patrick Willink said JC3DP can deliver bespoke quality on a large scale, and significantly add value to product packaging.

“We know that if brands are to move beyond the need for plastic in packaging, sustainable alternatives have to add value and can’t compromise on colour, quality or performance,” he said.

“We have to open up new opportunities for design innovation so that the many challenges of replacing plastic can be overcome. Our moulded paper packaging is the first step in this next generation.”

The product is made using 100 per cent renewable natural fibres from sustainably managed forests.

“The production and disposal of plastic is one of the key environmental problems facing the packaging industry today,” said Mr Willink. “Not only does JC3DP packaging come from truly sustainable sources, but can also be recycled just like regular paper.

“We are really proud to have developed an innovation that will help the environment, but is also a great sustainability story that will capture the imagination of consumers.”

JC3DP is one of three divisions of James Cropper Plc, which has been operating from its Burneside base for more than 170 years. The new range of products have been in development for two years.

Chief Executive Officer Phil Wild said: “Our focus is on sustainable innovation and establishing products and technologies today that are the mainstay of the next generation.

“We were the first company in the world to open a viable coffee cup recycling plant and our Technical Fibre Products arm is producing lightweight technologies that massively decrease fuel consumption in air travel.

“This is why we are confident that through our work with JC3DP we will be able to establish a product that will truly revolutionise the way people think about packaging for the good of our customers, consumers and the planet.”