Plastic Raw materials are the basic ingredients of plastic industry

We should know about the plastic raw materials . There are two major parts in the plastic industry:

Raw material suppliers and processors who give shape those raw materials into items which can be sell in the market. The task of the plastic raw material suppliers is to manufacture polymers and molding compounds. They can collect those from intermediates or they can produce it by themselves. By using plastic machineries like extrusion and injection they can produce items from the raw materials.

Polyethylene raw materials fall under two categories- thermoplastic materials and thermosetting materials. Thermoplastics materials are those raw materials which can be softened by continuously heating up. Thermosetting is the products after chemical change and once it is shaped into materials, it cannot be changed or reshaped. Thermoplastics consists Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyvinyl Chloride, and Polystyrene. Among the components of thermosetting resins, Phenol-formaldehyde, and Urea-formaldehyde are important. Other major materials are unsaturated polyesters, epoxy resins, and polyurethanes.


Plastics are made of following materials:

Plasticizers- Plasticizers are mainly organic substances and these make the plastics more soften and decrease fragility and increase workability.

Stabilizers- It is kind of antioxidants in nature. It prevents the chemical degradation of plastics.

Fillers- Fillers are glass wool and wood flour and the strength of plastics get increased by that.

Reinforcing agents- Glass fiber is this kind of material and the mechanical strength is increased by this.

Pigments- A plastic gets coloured by this.

How these raw materials are processed?

  1. The raw materials which are completely compounded in the form of dusts, powders or granules are supplied to machinery for processing.
  2. Those materials which are uncompounded polymer must be compounded nicely before supplying to the machinery.
  3. Industry then makes plastic sheets, rods, tubes, and other materials.
  4. Fully polymerized materials can get in the form of emulsions. Solids or liquids which can polymerize or those materials which is found in an intermediate state like raw materials and final material can also be polymerized.

Few processes are there to give a shape of those raw materials into useful saleable items. At the conversion process, the polymer is heated up to bring into a plastic shape and then a mechanical constriction is given to give it a shape by cooling. Now due to hi-fi technology by plastic raw materials one can produce thousands of useful goods which are necessary for everyday lives.

PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride (CHCL) is another raw material which is recycled and turned into useful products like chewing gum, water proof, and textile industry and so on. The raw materials of PVC are firstly collected, and then it is stored and grinned by a grinder to make into granules. The harmful materials are then de-polluted and those granules are purified by extrusion process. After that the fine granules are fed to the machine to turn into micronized powder.

Thus in this way, raw materials of polymer gets shaped and turned into physical properties.

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