Published On: Thu, Aug 1st, 2013

NGR Expands Activities and Closes FY 2012/13 with New Record Sales

FELDKIRCHEN/DONAU (AUSTRIA): In the previous fiscal year 2012/13 (closing date: April 30, 2013) NGR increased sales from 24 million to 29 million euros.

Product innovations lead the way The continuing expansion of the product portfolio, as well as technical enhancements of NGR equipment, are leading to new recycling applications and providing clear customer benefits. The modular design of the equipment platforms and the use of standardized and extensively tested components has shortened the steps in the innovation process.

NGR Expands Activities and Closes FY 2012/13 with New Record Sales

NGR Expands Activities and Closes FY 2012/13 with New Record Sales

As a result, not only has the product portfolio grown but we have also been able to increase the speed of implementation in new recycling applications and respond quickly to special requests by customers. A large part of our increase in sales is directly related to these innovations.

Integration of NGR units in the material logistics systems of plastics processors. Fully-automated plastics supply has become a decisive cost and quality factor for plastics processors. Demand has in part increased dramatically for integrated recycling systems that take up and treat process-related production waste, and re-introduce the recycled material into the plastics stream. And NGR’s combination of shredder, feeder and extruder makes possible this integrated concept.

More than 630 units on all continents NGR provides customers with benefits throughout the lifecycle of the system. Sophisticated remote control systems, internet-based spare parts management and quick on-site support from NGR engineers ensure our systems provide maximum uptime under the demands of everyday use. With the opening of a representative office in Taiwan, we have further strengthened our sales efforts in Asia.

A showcase for innovation: The K2013 trade show With the acquisition of the filter manufacturer BRITAS in May of this year, we added further to our expertise in the area of processing of post-consumer plastics. The introduction of the series for processing wet plastic waste, as well as the process development for recycling PET, will be presented to professionals at this year’s K2013 trade show in Dusseldorf.