Published On: Fri, Jun 17th, 2016

Luxus invests in Boy machines

Luxus, the Lincolnshire-based compounder, acquired a Boy 90E injection moulding machine at this week’s PDM Event, buying the equipment to help service its automotive customers.

The 90E came together with ancillary equipment, while Luxus also struck a deal at PDM to buy a smaller 22A machine. The investment totalled £85,000.

Injection Moulding Machine

Luxus invests in Boy machines

Luxus managing director Peter Atterby said the new equipment would help to provide its automotive clients with extra-large test plaques and another mould with complex flow paths.

It would also offer auto designers a more realistic representation of how a component will look in a specific grain or colour, slashing development time.

“This latest investment is specifically for the continued development of our high-performance Hycolene thermoplastics range, since auto designers are increasingly requesting extra-large test plaques and complex mould paths, which are not widely available,” he added.

Atterby said his firm had also bought two moulds from specialist manufacturer Senior and Dickson in order to fit the new machines.

“One is a flat-grained plaque, the other is a mould designed to show the flow path of materials in a ‘real-world’ application,” he said.

Bob Wilson, Boy UK’s managing director, said: “We are pleased that Luxus has invested in Boy machinery to deliver large test plaques. Our patented clamp unit is known for its ability to mould large tools and a considerable surface area.

“Its two platen design allows for the production of large plaque tools on the very smallest of machines. In fact, the clamp force was reduced in Luxus’ trials to some 600kn; 60 tonnes without any adverse effect.

Wilson said the 90E also helped with demanding test component pieces, such as the glove pocket component.

“The machine’s servo-motor pump drive means it has a dynamic reaction to the hydraulics and movements on the machine, when used with the Alpha control system and the clamp design.

“This means that these components are more controllable to produce even under the most difficult conditions.”