Published On: Mon, Apr 25th, 2016

KraussMaffei in China: A perfect match

KraussMaffei’s CHINAPLAS 2016 press meeting felt particularly special this week (April 24th 2016) as it marked the first major plastics trade show conference after its acquisition by ChemChina.

CEO of KraussMaffei Frank Steiler took to the stage to say how the company believes that together, ChemChina and the KraussMaffei group will have “a big impact” on the Chinese marketplace.

Perfect match

Injection Moulding Machine

KraussMaffei in China: A perfect match

“This is not just a match on the private ownership of our companies, but it is a match for the company and the targets of the Chinese government’s development programme,” he stated.

With a focus on this exciting marketplace, KraussMaffei is rolling out Industry 4.0 as a real opportunity-driver for Chinese plastics processing, while launching a locally-produced injection moulding machine known as the GX series. KraussMaffei is expanding its portfolio of locally produced injection moulding machines and, together with the MX series that is already being produced successfully in China, offering premium solutions in the clamping force range of 4,000 to 32,000 kN. Customers in China and the rest of Asia can benefit from KraussMaffei’s quality, short delivery times and fast service.

GX goes to market

CEO KraussMaffei China Christian Blatt introduced the GX, which will officially go on the market on the first day of CHINAPLAS 2016 (25th April 2016), as the fastest two-platen injection moulding machine in Asia, ideal for applications in the automotive, packaging and medical technology growth sectors.

Important features of the GX series include the compact two-platen design, which allows for fast clamping movements and the modularity that can be used to select the necessary plasticising unit as though it were being selected from an assembly kit.

Furthermore, the innovations of the GearX locking device and the stable GuideX guide shoe ensure fast locking and high part quality with minimal energy consumption.

“Plastics processors in Asia are becoming increasingly conscious of quality and actively requiring high-tech features for increasing efficiency and user-friendliness. We are offering our customers customised premium solutions with the GX series, which provides precision, speed, modular design, user-friendliness and durability,” said Blatt.

China to get the Industry 4.0 treatment

“KraussMaffei is a pioneer of Industry 4.0 with its Plastics 4.0 strategy,” Blatt stated, setting out the three pillars to this scheme: integrated production, interactive services and intelligence machines, complemented by Adaptive Process Control technology (APC), a system unique to KraussMaffei.

There is great interest in Industry 4.0 solutions in China, according to KraussMaffei.

“Customers ask us about it and want to know what specific solutions we can provide for networking production systems. One motivation for Industry 4.0 is increasing wages, but another is the automotive industry’s desire to store all process parameters for five to 10 years to enable production to be traced in the event of a claim,” said Blatt.

The KraussMaffei Group helps its customers to make use of the potential offered by intelligent and flexible production with state-of-the- art information and communications technology, and supports them in their efforts to optimise the value chain and to strengthen their market position.

“Our machines are ready for Industry 4.0 and KraussMaffei is ready for you [China] and we as KraussMaffei are ready as an employer in China to hire skilled and motivated men and women to join us,” Blatt concluded.