Published On: Tue, Jun 7th, 2016

Kiefel breaking sales record for three straight years

At CHINAPLAS 2016, Kiefel demonstrated live its KMD 78F Speedformer thermoforming machine, together with the eccentric punch press KES 85.

“One of our major targets here is the packaging industry, so the exhibit fits very well to our strategy,” said Reinhold Plot, Head of Marketing for Kiefel Technologies. “The peripheral punching unit is able to achieve notch-free processing for foamed packaging parts.”

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Kiefel breaking sales record for three straight years

Once again, Kiefel was able to break its sales record for the third consecutive year. Sales in 2015 amounted to €120 million.

“We are growing in Asia, with China being a major market. About 25% of our business is generated from the region,” he said. “We are confident of a very good 2016 based on our orders.”

Plot added that Kiefel will continue to invest in China but it will be done “step by step” and it depends on “how many machines we sold.”

Packaging remains a driving force for the plastics industry globally. The demand for convenient food and the emergence of smaller households propel the growth, according to Plot.

Ha named two areas that offer strong potential for growth. One is barrier packaging that replaces tins and cans in the food industry. Coffee capsule is another segment that is still growing for Kiefel.

Meanwhile, Kiefel recently acquired two companies, the tool making firm Bosch Sprang B.V. in the Netherlands and the Austrian automation technology supplier Mold & Matic Solutions.

“With the addition of these two partners we are able to offer turnkey solutions,” Plot noted.