Published On: Mon, Jul 18th, 2016

Japanese firm develops ‘previewable’ seal

TOKYO —Amano Co Ltd will release on Aug 2 a seal that can project the preview of an imprint.

Amano, which manufactures plastic products including seals and seal cases, exhibited the “Projector Stamp” at ISOT (International Stationary and Office Products Fair Tokyo) 2016 earlier this month at Tokyo Big Sight.

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Japanese firm develops ‘previewable’ seal

A while LED lamp is embedded in the Projector Stamp, which is powered by a 12V 23AE battery. It has a transparent face made of acrylic plastic. When it is held by hand, its sensor detects the hand and electricity is conducted, lighting the LED lamp. With a single battery, the lamp can continuously emit light for about 20 hours. When used normally, the battery needs to be replaced about once a year, Amano said.

The seal face is 19mm in diameter, and its length s 64mm. It comes in two models. One is a personal seal, and the other is for corporate users. Their prices are ¥15,000 (excluding tax) and 20,000 (excluding tax), respectively.