Published On: Wed, May 11th, 2016

Himalayan bamboo items being replaced by plastic

May 11, 2016- Traditional household containers made of Himalayan bamboo are being pushed out of homes in the district by factory-made tin and plastic products.

Mats, boxes and baskets made of Himalayan bamboo used to be very popular in the past, and locals were earning a good income by making them.

plastic products

Himalayan bamboo items being replaced by plastic

Locals of Mashta, Dantola, Melwisauna and Kada depended greatly on the income from these products. They used to sell them in the market during the summer.

“These days, there is not much demand for these products as cheaper and handier tin and plastic goods are available in the market,” said Min Bahadur Bohora of Rilu. “People prefer the new products to the traditional goods.”

Many locals in the district who used to earn a living by making and selling Himalayan bamboo products have migrated to India seeking employment after demand for their products dried up, said Jog Bahadur Bohara of Lataula.

Their business has been taken over by immigrants from Bihar, India who are making good money by selling plastic products. Jagdish  Yadav of Bihar earns Rs2,500 daily selling plastic goods.

“Only people who understand the importance of quality and are attached to tradition are buying products made of Himalayan bamboo, but they are very few in number,” said Hari Bhagat Shrestha, officer of the Cottage and Small Scale Industry. “Products made of Himalayan bamboo are healthier too.”