Published On: Thu, Jul 26th, 2012

High-quality post-exercise recovery drink in a unique sporty 500-milliliter bottle

High-quality post-exercise recovery drink in a unique sporty 500-milliliter bottle

High-quality post-exercise recovery drink in a unique sporty 500-milliliter bottle

Greiner Packaging International packs new Xcel Milk that provides athletes with an innovative post-exercise recovery drink

Xcel Milk is an unique post-exercise recovery drink based on fresh milk. Produced in England, it promotes recovery after exercise, encouraging consumers to ‘train smarter’. A sustainable packaging solution was created by Division Kavo of Greiner Packaging International and reflects the performance-enhancing properties of the contents.

Kremsmünster, 26 July 2012 – While searching for a packaging partner, the producer of Xcel Milk had three distinctive requirements in mind: extensive experience with dairy products, geographical proximity to its British location in South Derbyshire and sophisticated technical know-how. Greiner Packaging International was found to be the leader in all three areas.

Sustainable packaging with a dynamic look
A specialist in bottles and closures within the packaging producer Greiner Packaging, its Division Kavo has created a functional and sustainable packaging solution in cooperation with its customer. Designed by TGL Creative, design consultants, due to its classic, yet simple milk bottle shape, the 500ml bottle sits well in your hand. Embossed branding (aiding grip) inclined lettering, and extraordinary multi-color printing provide for a dynamic look. The bottle is produced using injection stretch blow molding technology. Extremely high-quality R-PET is used to meet consumer demands and saves resources to a great extent. With these white and silvery R-PET bottles, Greiner Packaging demonstrates its great expertise in solutions for sustainable packaging made from recycled material.

Development accompanied by sports-science-based consultation
Market research carried out by the Xcel Milk manufacturer unveiled a gap in the UK market: there were no fresh, pasteurised milk beverages that had been targeted for consumption by athletes after exercise. Xcel Milk was developed in close cooperation with renowned sports scientist Professor Ronald Maughan. For performance-minded athletes, the drink is utilized as an integrated element of their training program and will be exclusively distributed in Great Britain, available from late August 2012.

Top-quality ingredients
The main ingredient of Xcel Milk is fresh high-quality milk from pedigree Jersey cows, fed the highest quality diets to ensure premium quality milk. Additional ingredients are delivered by ‘Informed Sport’ registered suppliers, assured under the FEMAS certification programme to ensure the highest quality product. Greiner Packaging’s sustainable packaging solution is the ideal complement to the strategy of Xcel Milk.