Published On: Mon, Apr 25th, 2016

Four Plastic-Recycling Machines That Anyone Can Build

A start-up company called Precious Plastic has come up with a plan that will allow anyone to transform their plastic waste into useful products. For the past two years the company has been building machines that recycle plastic waste locally.

The machines were developed with basic tools and materials, and the company is sharing all of the blueprints open-source online so that people around the world can rebuild them and incorporate them into their daily lives.

plastic recycling machines

Four Plastic-Recycling Machines That Anyone Can Build

So far the company has designed and developed four machines: extrusion, injection, compression and shredder.

1. The extrusion machine employs a continuous process where plastic flakes are inserted in the hopper and extruded into a line of plastic. The lines of plastic can be re-purposed into a new raw material, such as 3-D printing filaments, granulate, or even spun around a mold.

2. The injection machine heats up plastic flakes and then injects them into a mold to create small objects. The molds can be made using CNC to mill or weld them.

3. The compression machine heats the plastic inside of an oven and then slowly presses it into a mold with a carjack. This machine is best for making large and solid objects.

4. The shredder machine shreds the plastic into flakes so that they can be used in the other machines. Users can select the output size of these flakes by changing the sieve inside the machine to create different patterns and processes.

Precious Plastic provides complete building tutorials and shows users how to create with the machines that they have built.

The company explains that once developed, the machines can be used to make tools, everyday objects like lamps, or even raw materials for other projects. Users have already taken to the site to share some of their creations, which include expanding fruit bowls, custom knives and parts washer prototypes.