Published On: Tue, Aug 9th, 2016

For Venugopal, plastic is money, not waste

Venugopal has developed a method to sort plastic materials based on their thickness and nature

Kochi: For the past two-and-a-half years, Venugopal from Thammanam has been collecting, sorting and selling plastic, and making good money out of this.

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For Venugopal, plastic is money, not waste

Thammanathu Parambuveettil Venugopal, who was an employee of the Hindustan Newsprint at Vellur, has a degree in paper technology. He has developed a method to sort plastic materials based on their thickness and nature.

Venugopal has set up a special pipe stand on which he has attached different hooks. Different types of plastic materials are sorted and hung from these hooks. Paper, bottles and sundry items go into the sacks hung on the hooks.

He collects milk covers, covers of other products, toffee wrappers, and tablet strips. He says milk covers are sold for Rs 25 per kilo. Everything from cigarette butts to bus tickets can be recycled. The sorted plastic has high demand among the plastic collectors too. Several recycling units are running short of plastic to process, he said.

Venugopal has a garage space which is also his laboratory where he has developed over 40 different equipment mostly for waste recycling. He is of the opinion that at a time when pain killers and beauty products are being produced from cut-off hair, waste should not even be a matter of concern for society.

He suggests that there should be awareness building in schools and public institutions and this will be the first step towards effective waste handling right at the source. He says stands like the one in his garage will do the job. Currently the plastic collectors end up collecting unsorted plastics and this leads to a situation where they use only the ones they can sort out easily and they dump the rest in areas like the hairpins of Wayanad.

Venugopal can be approached for further details or training guidelines at 9037170750.