Published On: Thu, Aug 11th, 2016

Family bring plastic free baby products to Kiwis

Morgan Van der Harst of Haakaa with her plastic-free baby products will be at this year’s Baby Show.

There’s more to baby products than meets the eye at this year’s Baby Show.

plastic products

Family bring plastic free baby products to Kiwis

Haakaa is New Zealand-run business with built with passion and purpose, making environmentally friendly baby products without waste.

International general manager Morgan Van der Harst says Haakaa designs all its products to be ‘bought once and last’.

“We don’t produce anything that doesn’t need to be produced.

“You buy your baby bottle once and that goes from the new born, right through to when it ends up being a thermal container.”

Started around four years ago, Haakaa was the brainchild of Morgan Van der Harst and her stepmother Shu, after the family struggled to cope finding suitable products for her younger sister Courtney who has autism and other disabilities.

Sensitive to food and products, Van der Harst and her stepmother started trying to source items Courtney could use, such as stainless steel cups instead of glass.

Haakaa makes bottles, breast pumps, dinnerware, silicon food wrap, toothbrushes and more, using sustainable materials including rubber, bamboo, glass and wood.

They also try to cut down on packaging, using card and cornstarch instead of plastic, and organic cotton bags that can be reused.

Van der Harst says environmental issues continue to inspire her in business.

“The more I learn about products that people make and sell with the chemicals and what things are used, and the amount of waste that is produced – you can’t not want to keep going.”

Haakaa will be at The Baby Show 2016, August 19-21 at ASB Showgrounds, 217 Greenlane West, Epsom, 10am-5pm.