Published On: Thu, Oct 13th, 2016

Engel to present upgraded hydraulic injection moulding machines at K 2016 in Germany

Engel, a Austria based plastic injection moulding machine manufacturer, plans to introduce its upgraded hydraulic injection moulding units at the K 2016 event scheduled to be held in Düsseldorf, Germany from 19-26th October.

The company has upgraded its Engel victory and Engel duo series of injection moulding machines to achieve higher levels of precision, ergonomics and efficiency.

Plastic Injection Moulding Machine

Engel to present upgraded hydraulic injection moulding machines at K 2016 in Germany

In addition to allowing for more precise injection and higher process stability, the restructured units are expected to meet individual requirements even more exactly.

Designed to cover a wide spectrum of applications, the Engel victory features tie-bar-less clamping unit allowing for efficient manufacturing concepts in highly integrated and automated processes as well as in multi-component applications.

The ENGEL duo large-size machines are available for clamping forces from 3,500 to 55,000 kN.

At the trade fair, Engel intends to make available its Engel victory machines from an injection unit size of 860 and the Engel duo machines to sizes 23060 for orders. Furthers machine sizes are planned to be made available at a later stage.

Engel has restructured the sizes of the two units as well as optimized its performance data such as injection pressure, injection speed and plasticising capacity, for current and future requirements.

The restructured hydraulic ENGEL injection moulding machines provides improved ergonomics, both for the machine operator as well as the maintenance technician, the company said.

Recently, Engel has acquired Technische Informationssysteme (T.I.G), provider of manufacturing execution systems (MES) for the injection moulding industry.

Engel said that the acquisition is expected to boost its MES business, thereby achieving another milestone in its Industry 4.0 strategy.