Published On: Sat, Nov 12th, 2016

Engel re-engineers hydraulic injection units

Engel showed a far-reaching revision of its hydraulic injection units in the next generation of its Victory and Duo injection moulding machines at K 2016.

A long development programme by Engel’s engineers has resulted in innovative features which enable the machines to achieve “even higher levels of precision, ergonomics and efficiency than before”, says the Austrian company.

Injection Moulding Machine

Engel re-engineers hydraulic injection units

Engel has also restructured the sizes of the units and optimised their performance data, such as injection pressure, injection speed and plasticising capacity. These changes take into account both current and potential future requirements from its customers.

“As a result it will be possible from now on to accommodate the individual wishes of users more specifically when designing the machine,” says Engel.

Customers can initially order the new design on Engel’s Victory machines from an injection unit size of 860 (screw diameter from 45 to 55mm) and its Duo machines to size 23060 (screw diameter from 135 to 170mm).

In order to achieve more precise injection, Engel worked on improving temperature control and pressure in the barrel. In particular, it concentrated on temperature control of the feed through. The group has also revised the piston design, which it said is the main contributor to better controllability of the pressures in the barrel.

Engel’s work also focused on improving ergonomics in the redesigned units, mainly to speed up barrel changes by operators and maintenance technicians.

“With the new design, Engel has applied the principle of quick mould clamping to the barrel,” the company says.