Published On: Wed, Jan 27th, 2016

EcoDomum Uses Plastic To Build Houses

Many of us who live in First World countries do not think too much about where our trash goes, although in recent years, there have been rather successful efforts to educate the masses in minimizing consumption while maximizing recycling.

Plastics have long seen to be a bane to the environment, but it seems that the longevity of plastic could be used as a strength – where EcoDomum, a Mexican startup, decided to make use of plastic waste as a raw material when building low-cost wall and roof panels. In fact, this has led to families forking out $280 thereabouts for a 430 ft2 dwelling, now how about that for affordable sustainability?

Plastic Raw Material

EcoDomum Uses Plastic To Build Houses

These panels will measure approximately eight feet long, four feet wide, and one inch thick, which will be durable and impermeable to boot. They will not cost a bomb, and are currently being produced at 120 per day by EcoDomum’s plant. This translates to approximately 5.5 tons of plastic waste being converted from trash to building materials each day, and a small house would require around 80 of such panels.

Sounds like we’ve got ourselves a solution to all of that pollution issues surrounding plastic waste in the long term, don’t you think so? It makes me want to increase my consumption of Coke that comes in plastic PET bottles so that I can contribute to the housing of others.