Published On: Fri, May 27th, 2016

Clariant launches new range of Aroma-Can canisters

The Healthcare Packaging unit of Clariant is introducing a new and improved family of Aroma-Can canisters to enhance nutritional products by adding a pleasant scent to product packaging.

Modeled after Clariant’s desiccant canisters for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging, Aroma-Can canisters employ aroma technology that can give consumers a positive sensory experience when they open product packaging.

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Clariant launches new range of Aroma-Can canisters

The technology embeds food-grade flavors, such as vanilla, orange and lemon, directly into a plastic canister, which can be inserted easily into a container.

“Smell can enhance or detract from the experience of using a product or the decision to make a repeat purchase,” explained Robert Crossno, Head of Sales – Americas, Clariant Healthcare Packaging. “Products such as fish oil tablets and herbal supplements often emit odors that are unpleasant or unappealing to end users. A favorable scent within the product packaging can mask unpleasant odors or help enhance odorless products, such as vitamins.”

Although the new Aroma-Can bears the same overall dimensions of standard desiccant canisters, Clariant said the new one-piece design reduces further process and assembly and contains more surface area, which improve the canister’s aroma profile.

Because of their dimensional uniformity with desiccant canisters, Aroma-Can canisters can be automatically inserted into packaging at rates up to 300/minute using standard desiccant canister insertion equipment.