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October 18, 2012 – Trends in portable consumer electronics are driving the need for improved sound quality, clarity and performance in thinner, lighter and smaller formats. To satisfy these demands, design engineers have discovered that APTIV® films offer the necessary combination of reliability and acoustic quality, and are readily available in a range of sizes and thicknesses with proven performance in speakers for mobile devices such as smart phones, ear buds, headphones, laptops, and tablets. With products getting thinner and smaller, recreational use of portable electronics is on the rise, making sound quality a significant contributing factor to an enjoyable consumer experience. APTIV acoustic film technology, based on VICTREX® PEEK polymer, can help improve consumer satisfaction by providing the reliability and durability that these users desire. Membranes made from APTIV films increase speaker lifetime by up to 300%, helping manufacturers and consumers avoid the frustrations of membrane distortions and ruptures that can be found when using traditional materials. According to a leading manufacturer of miniature acoustic components, Zhejiang New Jialian, the use of APTIV film in their new mobile phone speaker diaphragm has improved the acoustic performance, durability, and lifespan of the product. “Other films are not available in the range of thicknesses offered with APTIV films and do not provide the same level of performance and versatility, especially in this very thin format. Using this film allows us to produce new mobile phone speakers with compact size and high-power output performance,” said Jin Yidong, the Vice General Manager of Zhejiang New Jialian. For the past six years, APTIV films have delivered reliable acoustic performance in more than 750 million mobile devices. “These specifications continue to grow and prove that APTIV thermoplastic films deliver the best results in continuous high power reliability tests with stable properties over demanding operating conditionsincluding temperatures that exceed 200°C (392°F),”said Tim Herr, Global Films Business Leader for Victrex.“This material is also highly customizable when it comes to designing smaller membranes with optimal stiffness and damping characteristics that will not compromise quality and acoustic performance.” Thermoplastic APTIV films are extruded to extremely tight thickness tolerances as part of Victrex’s fully integrated supply chain to guarantee material quality, supply, consistency and performance. Available in widths up to 1.45 meters and in thicknesses from 6 to 750 microns, these PEEK-based films provide the design flexibility for secondary processing operations such as thermoforming and lamination. Victrex will be showcasing its innovative solutions in booth 736 at the upcoming Audio Engineering Society Convention in San Francisco, California on October 27 to 29, 2012. For more information on APTIV acoustic film technology, visit

EcoDomum Uses Plastic To Build Houses

Many of us who live in First World countries do not think too much about where our trash goes, although in recent years, there have been rather successful efforts to educate the masses in minimizing consumption while maximizing recycling. Plastics have long seen to be a bane to the environment, but it seems that theRead More


Plastic products – Plastic Masterbatch and additives

What is masterbatch? It is basically a substance of pigments or colours which is encapsulated by heating it up into a carrier rasin and after cooling it up, it is cut into granular shape. During the plastics manufacturing process the raw polymers get colored by these masterbatches. Plastic masterbatch is the ingredients which improve theRead More

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Used plastic machinery is still useful in many aspects

In the present scenario, there is good demand for used plastic machinery in the open market. There are many companies that have vast experience in buying, reselling plus perfectly overhauling these machinery as per the needs and requirements of the clients and customers. It is to be highly noted that used plastic injection molding machine isRead More

Used Plastic Machinery

Used Plastic: A hope for Investors and Environmentalists

When every country is demanding a ‘GREEN’ living environment, use of used plastic machinery could behave as the most benefiting factor. How many times did we hear about using only the recycled products? In fact, few plastic categories like Poly-bags are banned by Indian government because everyone understands the imitativeness of recycling plastics in today’sRead More

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India and China will continue to lead the Global Polyethylene Industries

41.8% of the Global Polyethylene market is represented by Asia pacific countries. Since 2003, APC have exceptionally changed the production, with an increase from 16.77 mmty in 2003 to 27.703 mmty in 2013 at 5.1% CAGR (compound annual growth rate). But from past two years, Polyethylene industries are experiencing a low growth due to slowdownRead More