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EcoDomum Uses Plastic To Build Houses

Many of us who live in First World countries do not think too much about where our trash goes, although in recent years, there have been rather successful efforts to educate the masses in minimizing consumption while maximizing recycling.

Plastics have long seen to be a bane...Read More »

Plastic Raw materials are the basic ingredients of plastic industry

We should know about the plastic raw materials . There are two major parts in the plastic industry:

Raw material suppliers and processors who give shape those raw materials into items which can be sell in the market. The task of the plastic raw material suppliers is...Read More »

Plastic products - Plastic Masterbatch and additives

What is masterbatch?

It is basically a substance of pigments or colours which is encapsulated by heating it up into a carrier rasin and after cooling it up, it is cut into granular shape. During the plastics manufacturing process the raw polymers get colored by these masterbatches. Plastic masterbatch...Read More »

Used plastic machinery is still useful in many aspects

In the present scenario, there is good demand for used plastic machinery in the open market. There are many companies that have vast experience in buying, reselling plus perfectly overhauling these machinery as per the needs and requirements of the clients and customers. It is to be highly noted that used...Read More »

Used Plastic: A hope for Investors and Environmentalists

When every country is demanding a ‘GREEN’ living environment, use of used plastic machinery could behave as the most benefiting factor. How many times did we hear about using only the recycled products? In fact, few plastic categories like Poly-bags are banned by Indian government because everyone understands the imitativeness...Read More »

India and China will continue to lead the Global Polyethylene Industries

41.8% of the Global Polyethylene market is represented by Asia pacific countries. Since 2003, APC have exceptionally changed the production, with an increase from 16.77 mmty in 2003 to 27.703 mmty in 2013 at 5.1% CAGR (compound annual growth rate). But from past two years, Polyethylene industries are experiencing a...Read More »