Published On: Thu, Apr 11th, 2013

Belgian smelter inks pact towards recycling metals from electronic PCBs

Belgian smelter inks pact towards recycling metals from electronic PCBs

Belgian smelter inks pact towards recycling metals from electronic PCBs

LONDON : Belgium-based secondary smelting company-Metallo-Chimique NV, has inked pact with Itrimex Ltd to use the circuit board recycling technology to recover metals from scrap electronic printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Recycling of end-of-life electronic scrap has been a burning issue in the European countries for a long time. The joint venture is expected to commercialize the techniques evolved through the immense amount of research and development activities that Irimex has conducted. Itrimix over the years has devised a process that is designed to enable the efficient recovery of precious and base metals from waste circuit boards, in a fast and environmentally friendly way. Its metal recycling technology is said to consume less power and produces significantly lower levels of carbon footprint.

A pilot plant is already in operation near Bromborough, in the UK. The mutual agreement aims to convert the plant to its full production capacity in a period of six months. The two parties will implement a development programme to optimize the current process and use its technical expertise in assessing the commercial feasibility of the project.

As per the progressive guidelines published by the European Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment regulation (WEEE), the European countries are directed to achieve at least 85% recycling of all the electrical and electronic scrap collected in the European Union by 2016.

Itrimex, Birkenhead, U.K., is a joint venture between Ultromex Ltd and ITRI Innovation Ltd (a subsidiary of international tin research organization ITRI). ITRI Innovation is a business providing laboratory testing, troubleshooting, and analytical services across multi business sectors. Ultromex works as a solutions provider to metal recycling and industrial businesses around the world and specializes in the recovery of high-value metals from waste streams such as electronic equipment, auto components and industrial residues.