Published On: Wed, Oct 19th, 2016

Arburg launches new hybrid injection moulding machine at K 2016

Arburg has launched a new hybrid injection moulding machine at K2016 which features a new machine size in a new design with a new control system.

The hybrid Allrounder 1120 H is the company’s largest high-performance machine and extends the portfolio in the clamping force range up to 6,500 kN.

 injection moulding machine

Arburg launches new hybrid injection moulding machine at K 2016

“The new machine size with a 6,500 kN toggle-type clamping unit is the result of targeted expansion of our product portfolio,” explains Heinz Gaub, Managing Director Technology and Engineering at Arburg. The hybrid Allrounder 1120 H extends the top end of the company’s products, combining electric speed and precision with hydraulic power and dynamics. The dry cycle time is 2.4 seconds and the maximum opening stroke is 1,050 millimetres.

New design and colour scheme

The new machine has a modern colour scheme and shape; with new design features to enhance functionality and improve ergonomics.

The machine features practical extras that simplify the set-up and operating sequences of the large machine, including fold-out steps for accessing the clamping unit, service cabinets for the power supply equipment and integrated LED light strips that indicate the operating state.

New ‘Gestica’ control system

The Allrounder 1120 H features a new control system, named Gestica, which Arburg says has a “look and feel akin to that of smart mobile devices.” These include a modern glass front, a high resolution, full HD screen and industry-grade multi-touch technology as well as one-click ergonomic hardware keys.

The operating panel is also ergonomically tilted as well as height-adjustable and swiveling. The Gestica is based on the advantages of the company’s existing ‘Selogica’ control system, but is designed to allow easier and more intuitive operation.

Efficient high-performance machine

“The new Allrounder 1120 H is a response to our customers’ need for large and efficient high performance machines,” explained Gerhard Böhm, Arburg Managing Director, Sales. With a clamping force of 6,500 kN and a size 4600 injection unit, the new machine is being demonstrated for the first time globally at K2016 through the production of a 1,092 gram folding step stool.

Assembly within the injection moulding cycle

At the K 2016, the new ALLROUNDER 1120 H is producing a folding step stool in an exclusive Arburg design.

Eight parts are removed by a new robotic system, named ‘Multilift V’, which has a 40 kg load-bearing capacity. This new robotic system – also a premier at K 2016 – transfers the parts to an assembly cell with six-axis robots, where the stool is finished and assembled within the injection moulding cycle.