All-Electric Press in Anaheim Shown By Absolute Haitian

All-Electric Press in Anaheim Shown By Absolute Haitian

Zhafir Venus II series all-electric injection molding machine is operated by Absolute Haitian Corp. In addition, a sister company Absolute Robot Inc. had a X-650V pneumatic sprue picker into use at the Plastec West trade show, that was held on Feb. 11-13 in Anaheim.

All-Electric Press in Anaheim Shown By Absolute Haitian

All-Electric Press in Anaheim Shown By Absolute Haitian

The raised and updated 101-ton press produced a non-reopening polypropylene medical tubing clamp with a mold from VitalMed Inc. of Pocasset, Mass. Absolute Robot provided the sprue picker. Washington Penn Plastic Co. Inc. of Washington, Pa., supplied the PP, and Universal Dynamics Inc. of Woodbridge, Va., facilitated use of an Autoload JR-series material transfer system.

The Venus II line has fastening forces up to 618 tons. Standard features on the 900-210 model at Plastec West include software for up to three core-pull devices, a robotic serial peripheral interface, bi-metallic barrel and standard 460-volt input power. For scientific molding applications, various options are included with configurable input/output devices and external device transfer signals.

A second generation model can also be availed. The Haitian 150-381-ton Venus II/p is capable to mold thinner wall packaging and multiple-cavity high-precision parts.

It is stated that the II/p version heightens tie-bar spacing on superior models and offers Haitian drive system motors with high acceleration rates, energy savings and fast reaction times. The new model’s injection unit pivots for access to the screw and tip assembly for maintenance and cleaning. For part removal, a redesigned base better accommodates the use of conveyors.

Absolute Haitian has its technical centers in Parma, Ohio, and Batavia, Ill. It was founded in 2006. Absolute Haitian of Worcester, Mass., is the U.S. and Canadian sales and service supplier for equipment from publicly traded Ningbo, China-based Haitian International Holdings Ltd.

Absolute robot is produced by Absolute owners Glenn Frohring and Nate Smith in September. It is formed to provide North American market with an economical line from NingboWell-Lih Robots Technology Co. Ltd. of Yugao, China.

While not mentioning any examples, absolute Robot said the cost of X-650V costs is less than sprue pickers. And it offers more reliability with multiple features in it.

Haitian International said it is about to reach the completion of a new 1.29-milion-square-foot plant which is in Chunxiao, near Ningbo. It is basically for the production of all-electric injection molding machines. Ten thousand machines would be produced by projected plant in a year.