Published On: Fri, Jun 3rd, 2016

A third EcoPower from Wittmann Battenfeld added to Ackermann’s fleet of injection machines

Ackermann, a German plastic products supplier for the mechanical engineering industry, has added a Wittmann Battenfeld EcoPower 300 injection molding machine to its range of machinery.

Manufacturing mainly products in small and medium-sized batches for general mechanical engineering, the pump industry and electrical engineering, the company now has 15 injection molding machines installed with clamping forces ranging from 350-5,000kN, of which 14 have come from Wittmann Battenfeld.

Injection Moulding Machine

A third EcoPower from Wittmann Battenfeld added to Ackermann’s fleet of injection machines

Ackermann points to the energy efficiency of the EcoPower for its decision. “From the EcoPower, we get products with excellent surface quality, and we have hardly any start-up scrap. Compared to our older machines, the EcoPower consumes just one half of the energy,” said Christoph Ackermann, the company’s Managing Director and CEO.

The first all-electric EcoPower injection molding machine was bought in 2009. An additional machine was installed in 2014, with 1,800kN clamping force. A third one, an EcoPower 300/2100 with insider solution was commissioned in March this year.

In the insider solution, the robot, transport conveyor belt and other peripherals for upstream and downstream processing are integrated in the injection molding machine.

“We want a modern, energy-efficient machine with user-friendly robot technology from a single source,” explained Christoph Ackermann.

Ackermann has developed the lost core technology to realize complex internal cavities. For this purpose, Ackermann casts melting cores consisting of an alloy with a low melting point and surrounds them with plastic by insert molding.

Due to the special attributes of the plastic material used, the metal cores are subsequently melted by induction instead of heat – in contrast to the lost core technology used in the automotive industry.

To make high quality parts with internal cavities such as handles or telephone receivers, the company has been using the AIRMOULD internal gas pressure process from Wittmann Battenfeld for years.