Published On: Mon, Jun 13th, 2016

10 New 3D Printing Plastics For Tougher, More Flexible Products

The variety of companies getting into 3D printing materials continues to grow: this bunch consists of big and small materials companies, including some major, established suppliers of materials for subtractive manufacturing, plus service bureaus and 3D printer makers. All of these materials are available for purchase.

Plastic Raw Material

10 New 3D Printing Plastics For Tougher, More Flexible Products

Our latest crop includes several ABS alternatives, less toxic plastics and those with lower emissions, tougher PLAs, flexible plastics including a flexible nylon, polymers with better heat resistance, and the first biocompatible resin for desktop 3D printing.

ALGIX 3D says its new DURA filament has better material properties than ABS, lower toxicity, reduced volatile generation, and is environmentally sustainable. It’s less brittle and has improved toughness and elongation/stretch compared to PLA or ABS, provides better layer adhesion and heat resistance than PLA, and has higher print resolution than ABS. It also provides better esthetics, with a very smooth finish on printed parts, and doesn’t require a heated bed or chamber. Based on ALGIX 3D’s in-house gas chromatography–mass spectrometry testing, DURA has lower toxicity and reduced volatile generation, making it safer than ABS. The filament is made primarily from renewable content and is compostable. Shown here are a cell phone case and other objects printed with the new material.